Bad Boys of East Wood High


Bad Boys of East Wood High Book One

Garrett lived and breathed football. It was all he knew.

But when things start getting bad at home and his grades start slipping, he's forced to get a tutor, or he's off the team.

Problem is, his tutor is the nerdy girl at school - the one no one liked. She had a foul mouth on her, and she was hell on wheels.

They may start out as enemies, but when she finally sees the raw side of Garrett, she'll realize that she's actually cared about the bad boy jock of East Wood High the entire time.


Bad Boys of East Wood High Book Two

After spending the last four years in a juvenile detention center, Kian is finally back out in the real world again.

And he's ready for more trouble.

Living with a dead-beat dad with no mother figure around, life had hardened Kian from a young age - turned him into a bit of a monster.

But when he shoves a girl out of his way in the hall, he's surprised as hell when she not only shoves him back but also throws her scorching hot coffee in his face.

Now, he's ready for battle. But can he win the war?


Bad Boys of East Wood High Book Three

Brax is the one you call on when you need something taken care of.

Barely eighteen years old, and his hands are already stained red.

Rumored to be a psychopath, he feels no remorse for what he does. He just does it with a heart like ice.

Until he's called on to get rid of the judge's daughter - the girl he goes to school with.

But when he rescues her instead of getting rid of her as told, he quickly regrets it.

Her mouth makes him want to strangle her and claim her as his all at once, and it's a confusing, twisted combination - especially for a man like him.

And God help her when she stabs him in her attempt to run away.


Bad Boys of East Wood High Book Four

Dominick was the school man-whore. If he was interested in a girl, he had her in his bed before the night was over.

Until Amy.

She was the new girl, still learning her way around. And when Dominick tries talking to her, she shuts him down fast.

And it leaves his ego a bit injured.

He vowed to make her school year absolute hell. He wanted to make sure that every time she thought of her senior year, all she could think about was him.

Until he becomes her savior, that is.


Bad Boys of East Wood High Book Five

Hector was a quiet, broody kind of guy. He hated being disturbed, and even more, he hated people.

So, it came as no surprise when he knocked a freshman down in the hallway. But what did surprise him and everyone else was when the kid's older sister came barreling down the hallway, shouting obscenities in his face, getting both of them sent to detention.

And to top it all off, he got paired with her for their senior project - the one project that determined whether or not they got to graduate.

May some kind of deity help them. They were going to need it. Because when you pair the school's bad boy with an overprotective older sister, you've got all the ingredients for a bang.

And depending on fate, that bang could be absolutely hot and sizzling.