Bloody Royals

Bloody Royals MC Book 1

She's a Bloody Royal, and a biker girl.
He hates bikers, and anything to do with them.
They can't get along, and the only thing they seem to be compatible at is sex. Yet, they can't seem to stay away from each other.
Throw in two biker clubs, death, and drama, and you've got a recipe for disaster.
Do they have what it takes to make it out alive, despite their own problems?

Black Skulls

Bloody Royals MC Book 2

Cole led a dangerous life and everyone around him knew that. He didn't let people get close because he didn't want the guilt if they somehow got hurt.
However, he couldn't keep himself away from Amelia Johnson.
Amelia was in line to be the vice president of the Black Skulls and Bloody Royals whenever Cole stepped up to president. She had let Cole take her virginity at sixteen, and it broke her heart when he walked away from her as if it meant nothing to him.
Their relationship was toxic. They both harbored dark secrets that could hurt one another, but they couldn't stay away from each other, especially when they were forced to be so close.
The past is coming to bite Amelia in the behind fast and she's going to need Cole's help. Will they be able to make their relationship somewhat less toxic and make it work to protect the clubs and themselves?

Bloody Black Skulls

Bloody Royals MC Book 3

Hayley was 17 when she was dragged into the crap known as the Bloody Black Skulls. She had one sister and two brothers. All of them were ruthless and scary as hell. Anyone who crossed one of their paths tried to keep their heads down and their mouths shut.
Being like this was a requirement for Hayley, being as she was the one that had to take over the Bloody Black Skulls.
When Cole and Amelia, Hayley's parents, stepped down from their spots, it was up to Hayley and her oldest brother, Jordan, to make things right and get them out of all of the crap their family had dragged the club into.
Their plan could very well go to crap, however, when Hayley almost runs over a man left in the road for dead.