His: An MC / Mafia Boxset

Protecting Natalie, Little Reaper, Salvatore


Protecting Natalie: A Stand-Alone MC Romance
Kaden Brookes never bothered with any female outside of the club women.
Until he crashed into Natalie - quite literally.
Her fiery attitude amuses him, and he wants more. But he quickly realizes there is a lot more to Natalie Farmer than quick wit and a temper that rivaled even his.
He wants Natalie as his woman, and he will make her his.
But Kaden has his work cut out for him because Natalie isn't as easy to claim as he thought she was.
Because when her life is on the line, she will do whatever is necessary to protect herself.
That includes leaving those she loves behind.

Little Reaper: A Stand-Alone MC Romance Novel
Amberosa Calloway betrayed the Reapers to protect them, but now her betrayal has caught up to her.
Now wanted dead by one of the most dangerous gang leaders in America, Amberosa needs protection.
And who better to be protected by than Jayden King - her brother's Vice President?

Salvatore: A Stand-Alone Mafia Romance Novel
Sasha Reids just wants to do her best to be normal after she gets out of prison.
But she knows that's a big wish - one that's not going to get granted.
Because when Salvatore Bianchi realizes that Sasha is in trouble, he vows to do everything in his power to protect her.
That means marrying her.
And what he wants in return?
An heir.

The Shifter Trilogy

His To Claim, His to Tame, His to Adore


Book One: His To Claim - A Bear Shifter Romance
I was a stupid, foolish woman. Who in their right mind went on a hike through the mountains by herself?
Those were my thoughts as I clung to the edge of that cliff, terrified of falling because if I fell - that would be it. I would be dead. There was no way I would survive the fall.
And right as my fingers slipped from the edge, a massive grizzly bear was there to catch my arm in its massive jaws, hauling my body back to safety.
As soon as I was on flat ground again, I passed out from fear with my only "safety" being a massive, terrifying bear.

Book Two: His To Tame - A Snow Leopard Shifter Romance
After being tortured for most of my life, I'd finally been able to escape.
But now, I'm laying in the snow, cold, wet - and in labor.
I can hear them hunting for me, but I'm determined to stay hidden.
That is, until my blue-eyed, gorgeous mate finds me.

Book Three: His To Adore - A Polar Wolf Shifter Romance
I'm human, but I've been raised in this pack for as long as I can remember.
As long as I've been here, the Alpha's son - Luc - has hated my guts.
And now the Moon Goddess has made me his mate.