Kayne & Alisia

Grangers Duet Book One

They're forced to go on a cross-country trip together.

This is a nightmare.

I've been in love with my adopted brother for as long as I could remember.

And now, my dad was forcing us into close proximity for days.

This was going to end in a disaster.

She's hiding secrets from him.

Kayne has no idea I almost lost my life protecting him.

I have the scars on my ribcage to prove it.

But when he sees those scars, he'll stop at nothing to find out how I got them.

I just pray he doesn't ever find out why.

Kayne is finally getting what he's always wanted: Alisia.

This trip couldn't have come at a better time. I've had my eyes on Alisia for years now.

I've always done everything in my power to protect her.

And when I find out she almost lost her life protecting me, I'll become a monster - to hell with my freedom.

**previously published as part one of the Grangers Duet: 2-in-1 book. Now separated, extensively re-edited, and republished as two separate parts.

Daniel & Windsor

Grangers Duet Book Two

Daniel Granger knows that threats lurk around every corner.

When I see her for the first time, I'm drawn in.

And when I realize she's running from someone dangerous, I'll protect her.

Even if it means possibly getting myself killed.

I'm in - all or nothing. I'm jumping in with both feet.

And I'm hoping to make her completely mine when this is all said and done.

Windsor is trying to stay alive and keep her son safe.

I'm not expecting him to burst into my life like he does.

I'm certainly not expecting him to take me and my son into protection, to bring me into his family.

But I'm desperate at this point because the man I'm running from has finally found me.

This is a serious matter of life or death. I could lose my life - lose my son to darkness.

I'm clinging to Daniel Granger with every bit of strength within me.

**ends in HEA. Concludes the Grangers Duet.