A Semi-Dark Romance

In his world, he was the boss.

And I owed the boss five grand.

Instead of making me disappear like he does everyone else, he took me prisoner.

He was a cold-blooded killer with a bad temper and no remorse.

But I was a woman who liked to play with death.


A College / Billionaire Romance

A story of hope lost and found . . . of a young woman who just needed a hero.

Some of us grow up, and we can escape the torture and hell at home.
Not Silver.
She was stuck - trapped in Hell on Earth with no escape.

But when she crashes into Alexander - quite literally - her world gets turned upside down.
Getting tangled up with him could be either the best thing she's ever done or the absolute worst mistake she's ever made.
. . . And it could cost Alexander his life.

Carter & Lacie

A Small-Town Steamy Romance

Carter was two months from turning eighteen when he got dragged down to a small town in Texas with his dad.

He thought this whole stay for two months was going to be nothing but hell until a pretty blonde haired, blue eyed girl knocks on his front door and invites him and his dad up to the main house for dinner.

Maybe things in this small town wouldn't be so bad for Carter after all.

Under His Protection

A DEA / Billionaire Romance

I'm undercover.

She's meant to be nothing more than someone for me to use to get closer to the man I'm meant to take in.

But she's hell on wheels, and everything about her draws me into her.

Before I know it, I'm in deep, and all of my lies are digging me into a deeper hole.

Because I can't tell her who I am. I'm not allowed to blow my cover.

And I'm terrified that when she does find out who I really am, I'm going to lose her.


A Twisted Second Chance romance

My life was a series of tragedies. The kind that I thought I could never heal from.

And when he's ripped away from me, I'm left empty and hollow. I'm left with more guilt than any human being should be forced to cope with.

There was no hope for me.

Perhaps I was destined to fall from the very beginning.

. . . Until him. Until he saved me.