Christmas With Her Marine

A Short Christmas Romance

He's finally finished his contract just in time to come home for Christmas.

And he intends to fulfil every promise he ever made to Carolinn.

They've both waited long enough, and now, it's time to make Carolinn his in every single way possible.

What better time to fulfil dreams than Christmas time?

Valentine's Day With Valentino

A Short Valentine's Day Romance

Callie and Valentino have been best friends for as long as she can remember.

And for as long as she can remember, she's been madly in love with him.

He was sexy, funny, and an extremely charming cowboy - completely out of her league. She always believed she never stood a chance with him, so she hid her feelings.

But this Valentine's Day, Valentino has had enough, and he plans to make Callie his.

An unexpected Halloween

A Dark Halloween Romance

I have a stalker.

One I certainly didn't know about.

And tonight, he's making his presence known to me.

I should be terrified. I should be running, screaming, hiding.

Instead, I'm following his commands.

He's awakening deep, dark, twisted desires I never knew I had.

And he's the only man capable of giving me what my body craves.

Little Star

A Dark Christmas romance

Not everything is as it seems. . .

She thought she knew him.

Turns out, she didn't know him at all.

Ryker's cold, dark, and ruthless.

And when he invites her to his cabin up in the mountains during Christmas so she doesn't have to spend it alone . . .

Brandy is about to find out just what kind of man her best friend really is.