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The water was my home, and the water gave me my little one...


You'd think after spending twenty years living on a ship more than I ever lived on land, I'd be sick of the water. But as soon as I retired from the Navy, I settled in Sizzle Beach where the water gave me a gift.


From the moment I laid my eyes on Raleigh two years ago, she had been the center of my universe. I was her caretaker, and she trusted me enough to regress as she felt like it, letting me take care of her. It was one of the greatest gifts I'd ever received.


Until she started calling me Daddy.


Lines were beginning to get blurred, but I couldn't bring myself to stop it. I wanted everything with her, and if she was willing to take a chance with me... Well, who in the hell was I to stop her?

Beachside With You

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