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The vice president of the Storm Hogs MC and a stripper…




Whoever created me must have been in a bad mood the day they tossed me into the world. Because the hand I’d been dealt was cruel and riddled with pain.


My family is now the motorcycle club I’m the VP of. The president, Adler, has given me a place to belong, and that’s all I need.


Until I see her on that stage.


Athena Lawson wrecks my world with one look.


And with one taste, I’m wrapped around her finger.


I’m definitely not the right man for her, but I’m too selfish to let her go.






I refuse to take handouts. Everything I want or need, I get for myself. And with the cost of living so high, stripping is the easiest route for me to take.


The men I dance for and dance on are just mere people–not even a blip on my radar.


But the moment my eyes meet his across the room, I’m sucked into his vortex. I want to know everything I can about the man who barely speaks a word but says so much with a simple look.


My blood runs through my veins simply for his touch. My heart pumps blood through my chest just to hear his grunts and short sentences. My fingers itch to touch him and learn every part of his body.


With one look from the brooding man, I want to be completely his.


I just hope I can convince him he deserves everything good in this world.

Built for Her Love

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