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The president of the Storm Hogs MC and a strip club owner...


I live and breathe this club and work. I protect my brothers fiercely, so much so that Elliot likes to tease me by calling me Dad when I get overbearing.

I've never been insanely attracted to women. I'm the kind of man who needs an emotional connection with a woman for anything to happen.

But then I see Cecily Truitt...

And I'm left wondering if maybe I just hadn't come face to face with the right woman before.



I'm not looking for love. Most men meet me, find out I'm the owner of Frisky's, the only strip club within a sixty-mile radius, and they assume I'm easy, get what they want, and leave.

I expect Adler Farley, the president of the Storm Hogs MC and the owner of Storm Hogs Construction, to do the same when he asks me out.

But I'm in for a rude awakening because a man like Adler is completely different from what I'm used to.

And he's taking me along for the wildest, hottest ride of my life.

Built for Pleasure

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