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The Sergeant at Arms and a curvy, stranded nurse…




I’m the one that endlessly teased my brothers about settling down and starting families. There’s no way I could have guessed that I’d be the next guy getting swept off my feet.


When I round the curve of the highway, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life is slowly trekking her way up the hill, holding her cell phone up in the air in search of a signal.


Harbor is everything I never knew I needed in my life. She gives me structure outside of the club. With her, everything is peaceful and steady.


But we’ve barely been dating a good minute when she starts getting sick.


And when a positive pregnancy test punches a hole in my chest, will I be able to bring myself to be the man she now needs?






Breaking down on the side of the highway when darkness is descending just makes my already crappy, exhausting day worse. On top of all that, I have no cell reception to call for a tow truck.


I’m pretty sure I’m going to be SOL. But then, a hot biker slows to a stop beside me.


He’s sweet, funny, and charming. And he also doesn’t seem to mind that I like being in control.


But that control? It snaps when the doctor confirms I’m pregnant.


Elliot and I have barely started dating. Can we make this work for the sake of our baby, or is everything going to come crashing down before it’s even really started?

Built for Temptation