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This omnibus contains all three books in the Club Hide & Seek series: In Pretty Lace, Sweet With Sass, and Saying Yes.


In Pretty Lace:


When Aria's best friend calls and doesn't give her much of a choice in going to Club Hide & Seek, a nearby BDSM club they're both members of, Aria's a little irritated.
Her irritation quickly disappears, however, when a billionaire in a fitted suit slides up to the bar next to her.
He wants to spend the night with her in a private room, but can Aria let go of past trauma and trust him to take care of her as a dom should?


Sweet With Sass:


When Gia agrees to a night out with her best friend and her new man, she thinks it'll finally be fun. Maybe she won't feel like a third wheel this time.
Only when she gets there, she realizes she's being set up...with the man that she hates.
Jude has had his eyes set on Gia since the moment he met her a few months ago when their best friends got together. Gia's wild and bratty and everything he could ever want in a submissive.
Only problem is, she likes to pretend she hates him.
Tonight, he's going to show her there's a very thin line between love and hate, and he can't wait to show her how fun dancing on that line can be.


Saying Yes:


Losing her job and having to move back to her hometown was not in Mallory's plans. Now, she's got to start all over, which includes finding a club to play at.
She's not expecting someone like the bartender at Club Hide & Seek when she settles on a bar stool. He's confident without being cocky, flirty without being too much, and the looks he gives her burns through her.
Zac is determined to be her first playdate in the club once she's accepted, but neither of them are expecting the fireworks that explode between them.
Will one night be enough, or will they fight to have more?

Club Hide & Seek Omnibus