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This contains all four books in the Finding Hope Series: Saving Tracey, Saving Lucas, Saving Winter, and Saving Paige.


Saving Tracey

She feels like she's drowning . . . is he enough to save her?
When Tracey's world is flipped upside down and she has to learn to live in a world where abuse doesn't exist, she spirals.
But when the bad boy sees her for the first time, he makes it his own personal mission to save her.
She's lost in darkness. He knows how to thrive in it.
And when her past lashes back out to hurt her again, Trevor will do anything in the world to protect her.
But the real question stands...
Can he protect her from herself, too?

Saving Lucas

He can't stand her and the way she makes him feel. But a reckless decision will flip his entire world on its axis.
When Melanie steps into the classroom, Lucas is immediately drawn to her.
And he hates it. He hates her.
She's annoying, won't go away, and she's intruding on every part of his life.
But when he spirals and allows himself a taste of her... well, it changes everything. Because she ends up pregnant.
Can Lucas heal enough before this baby gets here, or is Melanie going to be forced to be a single mother?

Saving Winter

He just wants to save her from herself... Who's going to save him?
He's bad for me.
I know it the moment he sits on that rooftop, a joint between his fingers as he calls me "Beautiful".
I should run in the opposite direction. I'd been hurt enough in my life.
But he's obsessed. He's not going anywhere.
Before I realize what's happening, I'm falling in love with him - head over heels, stupid kind of love.
My world begins to revolve around him.
When his past unexpectedly pops back up, will I be enough to save him, or will he destroy what's left of my battered heart?

Saving Paige

He's had his eyes on her since the first day of class . . .
All I've known since I was fifteen was how to be a dad.
I had to grow up overnight.
Being away at college and having to be away from my daughter for the first time ever is almost crippling me. I feel like I have no purpose apart from the weekends when I head home.
But when I find Paige an absolute mess in the food court, something fires up inside my soul again.
I'll protect her.
And when I find out she's pregnant, will she let me remain by her side, or will she run in the other direction because she's too afraid of getting hurt again?

Finding Hope Omnibus