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He'll do anything in the world for her...including sharing her with his best friend.

I'm not a good girl.
This town has had it out for me from a young age.

Jessie has done everything in the world for me that he could. And when I got thrown in juvie, he was there every visitation day, calling every week, and writing me every single day.

But now I'm out. And it's time for me to jump back into the real world.

I preferred juvie.

This town still hates me. My mother is still my biggest enemy.

Jessie is doing everything he can to keep me fighting...
But he may not be enough by himself.

Because Lincoln lights a fire in my soul, gives me hope where there wasn't any before.

Jessie may be my rock, but he's going to need Lincoln to make sure I don't continue sinking.


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