She Likes Dead Roses

A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance

Cara had always been different - strange, weird, a freak.

No one ever understood why - not even Cara.

That is, until she realizes that she's destined for so much more.

She's the beginner of the apocalypse - the one meant to give the ones in hell worthy of redemption their second chance.

And she's got four, sexy, muscular men to stand by her side - to give her strength as she becomes the Goddess of Hell.

Little Reaper

Cover Created by NDL Designs ; Links to her accounts below.

Amberosa Calloway betrayed the Reapers to protect them, but now her betrayal has caught up to her.

Now wanted dead by one of the most dangerous gang leaders in America, Amberosa needs protection.

And who better to be protected by than Jayden King - her brother's Vice President?

Protecting Natalie

Kaden Brookes never bothered with any female outside of the club women.
Until he crashed into Natalie - quite literally.
Her fiery attitude amuses him, and he wants more. But he quickly realizes there is a lot more to Natalie Farmer than quick wit and a temper that rivaled even his.
He wants Natalie as his woman, and he will make her his.
But Kaden has his work cut out for him because Natalie isn't as easy to claim as he thought she was.
Because when her life is on the line, she will do whatever is necessary to protect herself.
That includes leaving those she loves behind.


Some of us grow up, and we can escape the torture and hell at home.
Not Silver.

She was stuck - trapped in Hell on Earth with no escape.
But one day, she crashes into Alexander, and she gives in to him and everything he wants from her.
It may be either the best or worst mistake she has ever made in her life. Because when he gets a taste of her, he can't get enough.

Secrets are revealed, fears are uncovered, and ugly truths are brought to the light.

After Four Years

Imogen has been in a loveless marriage for four years.

And when she's finally given an out, she tries to grasp it with both hands.

But her husband has other plans.

Evan isn't letting his wife go, and he's prepared to fight for her to stay - by any means necessary.

But what he doesn't realize is that Imogen has felt uncared for and unloved the past four years.

Evan wants his wife, and he'll learn to properly love her if that's what it takes to keep her.

No Love

She was on the run.
She was hiding, trying her hardest to have a normal life.
But deep down, she knew that she could never be normal.

Because when she's saved by the most feared man in Chicago, deep down she knows she'll never taste normalcy again.


A Mafia Romance

Sasha Reids just wants to do her best to be normal after she gets out of prison.
But she knows that's a big wish - one that's not going to get granted.

Because when Salvatore Bianchi realizes that Sasha is in trouble, he vows to do everything in his power to protect her.

That means marrying her.
And what he wants in return?
An heir.


In his world, he was the boss.

And I owed the boss five grand.

Instead of making me disappear like he does everyone else, he took me prisoner.

He was a cold blooded killer with a bad temper and no remorse.

But I was a woman who liked to play with death.

Grangers Duet


Being the daughter of a ruthless gang leader had hardened Alisia from a young age - turned her into a heartless killing machine.
But she'll do whatever is necessary to protect those she loves.
And she loves Kayne.
When Kayne finds out what Alisia has gone through to protect him, he'll become a monster.
To hell with the consequences.
Daniel always knew who his biological parents were, and he knew how ruthless and dangerous they were.
Despite growing up away from the Grangers, his parents had remained a permanent fixture in his life.
So, when it's time for Daniel to come home, he knows what to expect.
But it's not just him. He's also bringing home a girl and her little boy.
They need protection, and Daniel is a Granger by blood - by heart.
And he'll become a beast to protect those he cares about.

Carter & Lacie

A Short Story

Carter was two months from turning eighteen when he got dragged down to a small town in Texas with his dad.

He thought this whole stay for two months was going to be nothing but hell until a pretty blonde haired, blue eyed girl knocks on his front door and invites him and his dad up to the main house for dinner.

Maybe things in this small town wouldn't be so bad for Carter after all.

Rescuing Eloise

At fifteen, Eloise watched her mother get murdered. Now adopted by a loving and warm couple, Eloise lashes out at everyone and doesn't let anyone close. She vows to kill her father one day, but he seems to be on a rampage to make her regret running away two years ago, and Eloise is hell bent on surviving.

Ryder is the bad boy of the school with a horrible reputation and criminal record. He has a bad past, but he also has connections to help rescue Eloise from her past and the trouble she manages to get herself into. So, when Brian and Grace come to him, asking him to help her, he agrees. 

But Eloise is against any kind of help, and is determined to make it through her hell of a life by herself. 

And as it turns out, Eloise is a lot more trouble than Ryder had bargained for. 

Follow Eloise and Ryder through their ups and downs, and the run for their lives.

Broken Duet


Byron's bad for Winter. He knows it, but he can't stay away from her.
He wants her, and he'll do anything to make her his.
Winter is just trying to protect herself, but she can't resist him.
Before she's really aware of it, she's falling hard and fast for him.
They're both broken and destroyed in their own ways.
She makes him better without even realizing it.
But can he save her?
They're both two broken souls looking for their happily ever after.
Dylan knew he wanted Paige from the moment he laid his eyes on her.
Problem was, she had just gotten her heart broken by the one guy she thought she would be with forever.
But he's prepared to be her hero - to sweep her off her feet.
Because she's everything he's ever wanted, and he knows that together, they can heal each other.


My life was a series of tragedies.
The kind that I thought I could never heal from.
And when he's ripped away from me, I'm left empty and hollow.
I'm left with more guilt than any human being should be forced to cope with.
There was no hope for me. Perhaps I was destined to fall from the very beginning.
Until him.
Until he forced me to live.

His Dead Bride

A Halloween Short Story

He's been searching for his mate for over two hundred years. The Reaper part of his soul yearns for its other half.
He vows when he finds her, he won't waste time. He'll claim her as soon as his eyes land on her.
She's been cursed to spend the rest of eternity in the ground, except she's able to rise from the dead every seven years on Halloween.
The only way that she gets to remain living and breathing above ground is if she finds her one true love.
And this Halloween, her luck may change.

Under His Protection

Releasing August 30, 2021

I've basically run my entire life into the ground.
I'm on a first name basis with all cops in this town. The bartenders here know my entire life story, and I'm pretty sure my body count would stack higher than the Eiffel Tower.
I'm the resident "bad girl" - have been since I was sixteen.
But this man thinks he can fix me . . .
I wish him the best of luck.
~ * ~ * ~
I'm undercover.
She's meant to be nothing more than someone for me to use to get closer to the man I'm meant to take in.
But she's hell on wheels, and everything about her draws me into her.
Before I know it, I'm in deep, and all of my lies are digging me into a deeper hole.
Because I can't tell her who I am. I'm not allowed to blow my cover.
And I'm terrified that when she does find out who I really am, I'm going to lose her.

Lucifer's Queen

A Paranormal Romance

I'm a destructive mess. Psychologists didn't know what to do with me. No amount of medications helped me.

I was a lost cause - unable to be helped.

Until Lucifer - until my king.