Rescuing Eloise Duet

Tragedy defined my life at this point.

I'm dark. I'm twisted.

Hell, I'm tainted.

Invisible to the naked eye, blood coats my hands red.

I'm just trying to survive in this game of cat and mouse.

But Ryder wants to dig deeper. He wants to see who I am beneath my hard-ass exterior.

I'm not letting him in. I don't let anyone in.

Because it seems like every person I touch suffers.

But when I become the mouse in this sick game I'm playing, Ryder's my only hope for survival.

But the real question is . . .

Can the bad boy save me in time?


I didn't know how things went so wrong.

One minute, we were good together - perfect, even.

But when danger strikes once again, Ryder pushes me away. And I basically fall right into another man's grasp.

This man doesn't care about me.

He wants revenge, and I'm the ticket to get him everything he wants.

And this time, Ryder may fail.

This time, his love for me might just really be my downfall.

He may not be able to save me in time.

But I knew one thing for sure.

I would die loving him.