Up & Coming Books

Holly Hill's Crooked Cop

A Dirty Cop Romance

He was supposed to only be a one night stand - never cross paths again.

But I had no idea that he was a cop.

Apparently, my screams of terror were able to be heard down the street because someone called 911, and now, he's standing on my porch.

And not only am I covered in my now dead boyfriend's blood, but I'm also pregnant with this hot cop's baby.

Teach Me

A Student - Teacher / MFM Ménage Romance



A Dark, Twisted Romance Novel

I told my best friend that I didn't want to walk home alone.

She insisted that I would be fine.

But I'm not.

Because there's a serial killer in town . . .

And I'm pretty sure that I just became his next victim.

Not Who I Thought

He's the golden boy at school.

Though we were in a huge university, just about every professor knew about him.

He excelled at every subject, was never caught doing anything out of line, and everyone knew he would go on to do great things.

He was already running a multi-million dollar gaming company.

But what happens when I find him shot and bleeding behind the restaurant that I work at?


An Age-Gap Romance

I’ve been in love with my extremely hot, older neighbor ever since I was sixteen, and I thought going to college would make the attraction wear off.

Turns out, it doesn’t.

I’m back for Christmas break between semesters, and I crave him even more than I did before I left. Distance had only made my heart grow fonder.

And when I get into a screaming match with my parents and am kicked out the house for the night, he invites me over.

And that night changes my life forever.