An MC Romance Novel

💋 He doesn't believe in following the rules, especially when it comes to her. 💋

Jayden King didn't believe in following the rules.

And when he finds out Amberosa - the president's little sister - needs protection? He'll break every rule her brother enforced to keep her safe and at his side.

Even if it may cost him his position as the VP of The Reapers MC.

Because when it comes to Amberosa, no cost is too high to keep her alive.


An MC Romance Novel

Kaden Brookes never bothered with any female outside of the club women.
Until he crashed into Natalie - quite literally.
Her fiery attitude amuses him, and he wants more. But he quickly realizes there is a lot more to Natalie Farmer than quick wit and a temper that rivaled even his.
He wants Natalie as his woman, and he will make her his.
But Kaden has his work cut out for him because Natalie isn't as easy to claim as he thought she was.
Because when her life is on the line, she will do whatever is necessary to protect herself.
That includes leaving those she loves behind.


A Mafia Romance

Sasha Reids just wants to do her best to be normal after she gets out of prison.
But she knows that's a big wish - one that's not going to get granted.

Because when Salvatore Bianchi realizes that Sasha is in trouble, he vows to do everything in his power to protect her.

That means marrying her.
And what he wants in return?
An heir.