Coming Alive Series

Falling for your brother's best friend isn't as fun as it's cut out to be, especially when you're so screwed up that you're terrified of commitment and being locked down.

I crave freedom. I need to let go of the insanity I feel swirling in my head.

But I do something even crazier than getting high or fighting like I always do.

I fall for the one man who hates my guts . . . Blaze.

I'm toxic. I ruin everyone and everything I touch.

And yet . . . all while still needing Blaze, I crave Jonah.

And allowing both of these men to love me is either going to be what saves me . . .

Or what sends me toppling into the deep end.

**This is book one in the Coming Alive Duet. It does end on a cliffhanger. It is an MFM menage.**

Trigger warnings: cliffhanger, pregnancy, drug abuse, two men sharing one woman.
Please also note that this book deals with a woman who struggles with the fact that she is pregnant, and she detests every moment of it. If this is a trigger for you, do not read.


They've promised to never give up on me.

So, even though my mind is rejecting every bit of their care and adoration, I'm giving them a chance.

A chance to heal me. A chance to save me.

Because I'm swallowed in darkness. I feel like a lost, hopeless cause.

But they see something I don't when I look in the mirror.

We'll see if they can truly save me . . .

Because I'm the kind of woman who finds comfort in my misery.

this is the second book in the Coming Alive Duet. It is an MFM menage (two men sharing one woman). This book completes the Coming Alive Duet.