Bloody Black Skulls Trilogy

He's bad for her in every sense of the word.

A criminal.
An enemy.
A rival.

She's the princess of the Bloody Royals MC.

An annoyance.

Disaster will drive them together.

When Travis kidnaps Katie Holland, his world gets flipped upside down in more ways than one.
She's mouthy and works on every nerve in his body, but neither of them can resist the sexual tension between them.
And when it comes time to let her go back home, Travis realizes he can't release his hold on her.
Because the very people she calls family are the very people working to make her become silent.
And he'll cross whatever boundaries he needs to keep the princess safe.

A past so dark, and she can't run from it.

Amelia is doing her best to stay alive.
Her world is dark; it's tainted.
It holds nothing but bones and blood--carnage.

A club struggling, a family he can barely breathe around.

All Cole has known is the club. He lives it, breathes it.
He knows the kind of darkness that lies in a man's soul when he wears that cut.
Cole thinks he's seen it all, but when he finds Amelia bloody and unconcious, he hasn't even begun to see the worst.

He'll burn the world down to the ground for her--to hell with the consequences.

Someone wants to send a message, but Amelia's not opening her mouth.
She'll die before she tarnishes this club, before she drags Cole into her darkness.
But when everyone is turning against her and Cole is the only person she can rely on, she may not have a choice.
Because these people aren't going to kill her . . .
They're going to break her.

It's all in her hands . . .

Hayley is trying to dig the club out of the mess her parents and her grandparents got it into.
It's all down to her.

He's going to destroy everything she's built.

When she almost runs over a man left in the road for dead - on her territoy - Hayley knows everything she's planned is about to change.
All of her hardwork is gone.
Because this man is a message.

He'll do anything to protect her.

She's hell on wheels and an absolute firecracker of a woman.
But Lucifer knows how to control her. Hell, he's probably the only person who can.
And when her life is threatened, when she's taken from him . . .
Lucifer will bring Hell upon Earth.