Jackson Family

The moment he lays his eyes on her, there's no doubt about it . . . She will be his.

I was kidnapped three years ago and forced to be a submissive to numerous men and women every single day.

Until him.

Until the Mafia Don collared me.

After ten years inside, I’m finally out, and I’m in desperate need of a release.

After checking in with my brother, I head to the one place I know that I can get that release from: my brother’s BDSM club.

But I don’t expect the first woman I take for the night to be everything I could have ever dreamed of.

She’s the perfect submissive except for one thing; she’s quiet – too quiet.

I’m determined to get to the bottom of whatever keeps her so silent, but in the meantime, I’m collaring her.

She’s going to forever belong to me.


After proving my loyalty to the Jackson Family for basically my entire life, I've practically become one of the brothers.

So, when we have a war with the Russian Mafia hanging over our heads, I take one for the team.

I have to marry the Don's daughter to bring peace between the two families. I'm willing to sacrifice my own contentment so my brothers can live in peace.

But maybe I don't have to sacrifice anything at all because I very quickly learn that this woman has been raised to please her future husband.

And I know I'll enjoy taking care of my submissive.