Ghost Born MC

**Please also note that this series has an overarching plot. Each book will contain a HEA for the characters, but the plot will not be resolved until book six.

I'll do anything to keep her... and I frankly don't care how she feels about it.


Spending nine years in a prison cell changes a man. And as much as I longed to be free, nothing could have prepared me for being part of the outside world again.
I'm not a normal man. My tastes run dark, and I don't know how to be civilized. I'm quiet, gruff, and tainted all the way down to my soul.
But the moment Blakely steps into that hotel room with me, I'm done for. I'm a goner.
Because this woman...
She was made for me.
And I can't bring myself to let her go. Not even when trouble comes punching me right in the face.



My boss warns me that Jax isn't like most men. The other women never want a second night with him, no matter how much he pays.
Turns out... I'm just as screwed up as he is.
Jax is overprotective, over the top, and just this side of too much.
He's everything I need him to be.
When we barge right into trouble, intent on rescuing a girl who had been kidnapped, he's probably expecting me to run.
But I'm not the kind of woman who runs.
Come hell or high water, I'm this man's ride or die.
There's no getting rid of me.

Powerful people pulled strings for me when I learned my family, my foster brothers, needed help. Those strings came with a cost. I might no longer be active duty, but I’m still the property of the government. I’m willing to pay that price, especially when the missions I complete buy favors that keep my brothers safe.

When a mission goes sideways, I end up rescuing a young man and woman who have been kept as a madman’s pets. The three of us form a bond during our escape, and I’ll cash in every favor I’m owed to protect and keep them with me. I know if I get them home, my brothers in the Ghost Born MC will welcome the duo.

Grey and Blu may be out of the clutches of a madman, but they’re mine now. And what I claim, I keep.