Satan's Worshippers MC

Scorpion (Savage Crows MC Texas Charter Book 11) sets the scene for Satan's Worshippers MC.

The books may be read as standalones, but they are better enjoyed if read in order.


Being the mother charter prez, I've got to lead by example. Treat your old lady with respect. Keep a level head. Never make rash decisions.
But Aaliyah tips my entire world upside down. My blood runs hot every time she steps into the room. It's a struggle to keep my hands to myself around her.
It's easier when I know she's got a man she lives with.
But when he screws up . . . well, that major boundary is now off the table, and I'm about to wreck my entire world and destroy the example I'm trying to make because Aaliyah . . . I
need a taste.


Johnston is the kind of monster your parents told you wasn't under your bed when you were a little kid. He's the boy your parents warned you not to date when you were in high school.
He's the definition of danger and a bad member of society.
But I don't care; I can't help myself. I've always had a taste for the wild side, and I'm telling you--it doesn't get much wilder than Johnston.
But apparently, I like them
really wild because Johnston is married.
Talk about opening a new can of worms.

Trigger warnings: cheating on wife with FMC, criminal activity, strangulation, ow drama


I've been obsessed with her since the moment she opened up her little bookstore/coffee shop in town.
And despite her obvious hatred of me, it hasn't stopped me from pursuing her.
The club runs the security at her store, and not going to lie--I stalk her. I follow her every move every second that I can.
Which is how I see the two shadowed figures right before they break into her store.
Will I be too late to save her? Or am I going to be left picking up her pieces?



I've dealt with my fair share of dangerous men, criminals who live by their own codes and morals.
So, I don't want anything to do with Chase, the Vice President of Satan's Worshippers MC's Texas Charter.
He's dangerous, even if he hides it well behind that crooked smile and that trimmed, neat beard.
I won't fall for his charms. I refuse to. I won't fall back into the same trap I managed to dig myself out of just two years ago.
But someone's targeted my store. Someone has targeted
And Chase may be my only hope of survival.

**Trigger warnings: cheating (during a split), criminal activity, sexual assault



I’m tainted by darkness. There’s no color in my life—it’s all just shades of black and gray.

But the moment I lay my eyes on Gabriel, I know he’s different.

He’s scared of his own shadow. He needs someone to take care of him. And despite the fact that I was the one kneeling in front of him, threatening to end his life, he clung to me and the tiny shred of hope I somehow gave him.

And now that the Ghosts of Chaos are after him, wanting to bring him back home and end his life for being a traitor, I’ll do anything to protect him.

This boy is mine. I’m keeping him.

And anyone who dares to come for him better be prepared to die.






There’s no hope for a damaged boy like me. I’ve survived things that probably should have killed me.

I don’t know what real kindness looks like. So, when Tango is kneeling in front of me, threatening to end my life quickly if I give him what he wants, I take the option with both hands. Because to me? That’s what I think is kindness.

Instead, he takes me home with him. He’s promising to keep me safe and protected.

I don’t really think he’ll be able to do it, but I’ll take the little bit of light I have while it’s there.

But Tango’s a monster. He’s cruel and heartless. Darkness colors his soul. It’s snuffed out every bit of his light.

Yet, he looks at me like I’m the most precious thing in the world.

And when my family comes after me, I’ll see firsthand what that darkness inside Tango is capable of.


**Trigger warnings: child abuse and neglect, sexual assault, rape