Storm Hogs MC

The president of the Storm Hogs MC and a strip club owner...


I live and breathe this club and work. I protect my brothers fiercely, so much so that Elliot likes to tease me by calling me Dad when I get overbearing.
I've never been insanely attracted to women. I'm the kind of man who needs an emotional connection with a woman for anything to happen.
But then I see Cecily Truitt...
And I'm left wondering if maybe I just hadn't come face to face with the right woman before.



I'm not looking for love. Most men meet me, find out I'm the owner of Frisky's, the only strip club within a sixty-mile radius, and they assume I'm easy, get what they want, and leave.
I expect Adler Farley, the president of the Storm Hogs MC and the owner of Storm Hogs Construction, to do the same when he asks me out.
But I'm in for a rude awakening because a man like Adler is completely different from what I'm used to.
And he's taking me along for the wildest, hottest ride of my life.

The vice president of the Storm Hogs MC and a stripper…


Whoever created me must have been in a bad mood the day they tossed me into the world. Because the hand I’d been dealt was cruel and riddled with pain.

My family is now the motorcycle club I’m the VP of. The president, Adler, has given me a place to belong, and that’s all I need.

Until I see her on that stage.

Athena Lawson wrecks my world with one look.

And with one taste, I’m wrapped around her finger.

I’m definitely not the right man for her, but I’m too selfish to let her go.



I refuse to take handouts. Everything I want or need, I get for myself. And with the cost of living so high, stripping is the easiest route for me to take.

The men I dance for and dance on are just mere people–not even a blip on my radar.

But the moment my eyes meet his across the room, I’m sucked into his vortex. I want to know everything I can about the man who barely speaks a word but says so much with a simple look.

My blood runs through my veins simply for his touch. My heart pumps blood through my chest just to hear his grunts and short sentences. My fingers itch to touch him and learn every part of his body.

With one look from the brooding man, I want to be completely his.

I just hope I can convince him he deserves everything good in this world.

The Sergeant at Arms and a curvy, stranded nurse…


I’m the one that endlessly teased my brothers about settling down and starting families. There’s no way I could have guessed that I’d be the next guy getting swept off my feet.

When I round the curve of the highway, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life is slowly trekking her way up the hill, holding her cell phone up in the air in search of a signal.

Harbor is everything I never knew I needed in my life. She gives me structure outside of the club. With her, everything is peaceful and steady.

But we’ve barely been dating a good minute when she starts getting sick.

And when a positive pregnancy test punches a hole in my chest, will I be able to bring myself to be the man she now needs?



Breaking down on the side of the highway when darkness is descending just makes my already crappy, exhausting day worse. On top of all that, I have no cell reception to call for a tow truck.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be SOL. But then, a hot biker slows to a stop beside me.

He’s sweet, funny, and charming. And he also doesn’t seem to mind that I like being in control.

But that control? It snaps when the doctor confirms I’m pregnant.

Elliot and I have barely started dating. Can we make this work for the sake of our baby, or is everything going to come crashing down before it’s even really started?

The club's secretary and the local gym owner...


I've never been interested in settling down. I like having my options.
Everything changes when she crashed into me. Like a switch being flipped, every woman except her ceases to exist.
I'm doing everything I can to be close to her - joining the gym she just opened, helping her clean up for the day...
It's not until she randomly starts pushing me away that I realize she's hurting.
Am I enough to heal her, or is what she's going through going to end us for good?



I should be happy that I opened this gym, that I'm a successful business owner now.
Instead, all I feel is sadness. Because the only reason this is possible is because my parents passed away.
I force a smile on my face every day, and for a little while, Beau makes me forget about the pain residing in my heart.
But that day is drawing closer, and I can't handle it. I'm self-destructing.
Will I be able to let Beau help me, or will my self-destructive tendencies destroy everything we've managed to build?

She’s nothing but trouble…but trouble is my middle name.


I’ve done my best to stay out of trouble the past few years. My life is finally on the straight and narrow, and I need it to remain that way.

But then I catch her trashing her ex’s house.

Lennox is a spitfire of a woman who acts first and thinks later. She needs a firm hand. Someone to guide her and keep her focused on what’s right.

I’m willing to be that man. Willing to be the one to teach her how to control her rage.

That is until her ex takes it one step too far.

Now, he’s got me to answer to.



I gave my ex everything, only to find him cheating on me. Classic story, right? Well, I took it a step further and trashed his house, his yard, and his car.

Harlan keeps me from doing too much damage, but that doesn’t stop my ex from calling the cops.

I’ve got charges pressed against me. I just want to focus on going to work and going home and minding my own business so I don’t get myself into more trouble.

But my ex is on a mission to ruin my life. To ruin me.

Only he doesn’t realize the kind of man Harlan is.

And one thing I’ve learned…when it comes to me, Harlan doesn’t play games.

Tyler is about to find out what happens when you mess with an ex-criminal’s woman.

She’s six years older than me…and I’m head over heels for her.


I’ve never wanted to settle down. Never wanted a serious relationship. I was so confident I never would that I even made a $200 bet with one of my brothers.

But then I almost run her over. And the way she yells at me…

I’m a goner. Head over heels–just like that.

I’m determined to make things right. And when I finally get her attention the way I want, I’m determined to do things right–date her, get to know her.

But when I show up for our first date, she’s unconscious and bleeding on the floor.

And my world falls out from beneath my feet.



Almost running me over put him on my crap list. But he’s nothing if he’s not persistent in his pursuit of me.

When he takes care of me after a night of heavy drinking, I can’t help but begin to fall for him. No one has ever truly cared about me before, and it’s the quickest way to get beneath my skin.

But now my mother has passed away, and my father wants what he thinks belongs to him.

He may destroy everything with Remi before it’s even truly started. Because I can’t dump my past on Remi.

Will Remi continue to fight for me even when I’m being tight-lipped about what happened to me, or will he deem I’m too much trouble and walk away?