Ruined Series

Three sexy, tattooed, alpha presidents . . . and she's at the center of them all.

The one man who always promised to love me - to take care of me - ruined me.

Joey? He's my hero.
Joey saw me - broken, barely surviving - barely breathing - and he taught me how to breathe again.
He gave me a purpose.

But we were oil and water. And Joey? He was the oil - trapping me, smothering me.
But I love him - I love this man with every fiber of my being.

He's made me promise to keep him with me because without him, I'm not living. I'm dying.

And when River steps into my life?
He teaches me how to live all while Joey reminds me how to breathe.

But throw in Tristan - my first love - and it's all one big, screwed-up mess.

I promised a woman to always keep her breathing, to always force her to keep me with her so she wouldn't completely lose herself again.

But now, Elaina has shown up at my clubhouse, and she needs protection.

Within minutes, this woman has me hooked around her pretty, little finger.

I'm in deep. Things are getting twisted up. My priorities are getting screwed all around.

But I can't bring myself to let Elaina go.

I've been in love with my president's little sister for years.

She's broken - destroyed.

But I'm determined to save her.

I'll give her a purpose. I'll make every demon that makes her suffer my demons as well.

I'm going to save this woman...

Or I'm going to die trying.

I wasn't ready to be tied down to her, but like hell was I letting anyone else touch her.

But when I almost lose her to a rival club, my mind changes instantly.

I'm letting her lay claim to me. I'm tattooing her name on my neck.

And I'm going to burn this entire world to the ground to get vengeance for what happened to her.

An MC Why Choose Romance

Joey is my rock, the foundation I stand on. I know when I start crumbling, he'll be there to pick up the pieces.

Alejandro is my savior, my light in the darkness. My tracker. My owner.

Joey and Alejandro... they're dangerous. Ruthless. Hardened criminals.

Me? I'm destroyed - my edges jagged. I know my pain can cut deep.

But if there's one thing to know about my men, it's that they'll bleed for me all while worshipping me at my feet.

They've given me everything and taught me how to live.

Now, it's my turn to return the favor.

**It is highly recommended that you read Saved before reading this book, as this is a sort of continuation of that book.

**This book is for those of you who wanted to see Alejandro, Elaina, and Joey together.

That night, he lost everything. And now, she wants to show him how to breathe again.

There's not much I won't do for this club. They gave me a purpose. Joey, the prez, stopped me from destroying my life.

Everything was pieced back together. I had my family again. My parents even let me know my little sister and form a bond with her.

But then, that phone call changed everything.

Now, I'm suffocating. I can't breathe under the mountain of everything I lost. I can't stand to be in this town anymore. So, when Joey accepts my request to go nomad, I snatch it with both hands and ride away as far and as fast as I can.

Five years later, I'm back. It's time for me to stop running. It's time to come home.

But I sure as hell was not expecting
her when I walked through those doors.

She's fire and ice, an entire contradiction I don't know what to do with, and she doesn't know when to just quit.

Yet when I'm around her, my lungs fill with air again. I can breathe past all the smoke. I can taste something other than soot.

I'll do anything to keep that fresh air. I'll do anything to keep

Her husband will try to stop me, and when he does, he better hope he's got some kind of deity on his side.

Because for her... I'll rip him to shreds.

Blurb coming soon!


**This will be an MMF romance.