Finding Hope Series

She feels like she's drowning . . . is he enough to save her?

No one cared about her.
At least, that's what Tracey liked to tell herself.

Her mother neglected her.
Her father abused her.

Tracey wanted it all over. She wanted to die - to escape to something else besides the life she already knew.

But in steps Trevor.
He just wants to make all of her pain go away.

Will she let Trevor in? Will she allow herself to be saved?

Will Tracey ever escape the pain?


Lucas Varner lived the first five years of his life with an abusive mother and a father that punished him for losing their first child to the state.

Lucas knew what it was like to go hungry, to wonder when he would eat again.
He knew what sex and drugs were before he could write his own name.

From a young age, he had learned to never ask for help, to not ask any questions, and to stay out of everyone’s way.

It was something he still couldn’t forget twelve years later.

But everyone has their own times to heal, and maybe it’s time for Lucas to find the light at the end of his own dark tunnel.

He just wants to save her from herself . . . but who's going to save him?

Byron's bad for Winter.
He knows it, but he can't stay away from her.
He wants her, and he'll do anything to make her his.

Winter is just trying to protect herself, but she can't resist his charms and constant pursuits.
Before she's really aware of it, she's falling hard and fast for him.

They're both broken and destroyed in their own ways.
He'll do anything to save her . . . but is she enough to save him?

He's had his eye on her ever since their first day of class . . .

All Dylan has known since he was fifteen was how to be a dad.

He still had his flings, still not ready to settle down, but his life completely revolved around his little girl.

Until he sees Paige in class.

Suddenly, everything is changing, and when he finds out that Paige is in a tight bind with no where to go, he can't help it.

He does everything he can to help her.

And maybe, if he's lucky, he'll finally get to call Paige his.