Savage Crows MC [Texas Charter]

Ink had two goals: graduate high school and become a member of the Savage Crows MC.

But when he lands his eyes on Reina, his priorities are changing. He finds himself making time for her.

And when his brother comes to town? Suddenly, everything is getting all twisted. He's torn between being the bad guy and supporting Reina.

Will his brother inevitably rip them apart, or is Ink and Reina's bond strong enough to withstand anything?

Enemies to lovers, second chance, MC romance

I would have given her the world if she'd let me. But she chose my brother over what I could offer her.

Five years later, she's standing in front of me, barely clothed, pleading for me to save her. To help her. To keep her safe.

There's a lot of bad blood between us. A lot of misunderstanding. A lot of unsaid words.

I don't know if I can bring myself to be what she needs.

But when I find out what he did to her...what he put her through...

Will it be enough to change my mind? Or will I send her on her merry way to deal with the fall-out of her choices by herself?

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Friends to lovers, workplace, MC romance

I've had my eyes on her from the moment I hired her to work as the club bartender.

She came here looking for safety, and I couldn't, in good conscience, turn her away.

I've kept my feelings in check. Haven't said a word. Because no woman will ever feel unsafe in my clubhouse, and I didn't want my actions making her run.

But now she's standing in front of me, begging me for help.

Her ex is out of prison, and he's wasted no time coming for her.

He has no idea who he's messing with. I'm the MC president. No one touches my family.

And they definitely don't touch my woman.

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Secret baby, second chance, MC romance

She was my high school sweetheart, but because I cared more about getting my next fix, I lost her.

She ran from me. Left town. Honestly, I couldn't blame her.

Seven years later, she's back...with our seven-year-old son in tow. The same child I was led to believe she'd lost.

She's held a lot of secrets, and the same people who targeted her when she was a teen are on the hunt for her again.

They'll make her pay for what I've done.

I'll do anything I can to protect her, even if I want to hate her.

And when all the truths come out...will we be able to salvage what's left?

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"Touch her and you die" MC romance

The moment I lay my eyes on her, I know she's meant to be mine.

Her eyes hold pain no person should have to suffer. They tell a horrid tale of a young woman who's seen and been subjected to too much.

She's everything good and light in this world, and I'll do anything to protect it--to protect her.

So when her past comes knocking, I'm ready.

Come hell or high water, I'll protect her. If they think they can touch her again, they're sorely mistaken.

I'm the king. The monster.

And I'll rip them apart piece by piece before they take her from me.

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Why choose, second chance, MC romance

Her past has caught up to her, and I almost find out too late.

She's taken right out from under my nose, and by the time I get my hands on her again, the damage has already been done.

We're hanging on by a thread, and when secrets become unveiled, it rips through our bond.

She runs to another club, and by the time I finally get my head back together, I may already be too late.

Because what I carelessly threw aside, another man is already claiming.

He's willing to share her...

But am I willing to put aside my pride to give Jessa everything she needs?

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My niece - who I thought had been dead for years - had just tried to kill me.

Jessa wants her dead, but I'm trying to give Kala the benefit of the doubt, which I don't normally do.

Ghost and I are doing our best to keep Jessa grounded because our woman will kill someone over me.

But when someone tries to kill my woman, I don't care about anything else but revenge, and I'll slaughter anyone who had a hand in it.

I'll destroy this entire world for her.

Secret baby, second chance, military, MC romance

I've been gone for years. I had to find my own way.

But now, my own way has been ripped from my hands. And the Savage Crows is the only place I've got left to turn to.

I don't expect the woman I fell in love with all those years ago to still be there, but she is.

And she's suffering. Her mental health is the lowest it's ever been, and she's drowning in her misery.

She lost everything when I left...including our daughter.

Now, it's up to me to repair the damage.

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Curvy girl MC romance

I'm the funny guy of the club--the clown. But when push comes to shove, I can also be a monster.

The new girl working at the bar is full of secrets.

She's on the run from a rival club.

When I find out what's happened to her, I order protection. She doesn't want it, but she doesn't have a choice.

I swore I'd never settle down, but the second I look into her sad eyes, I've got no choice.

I'll protect her and make her mine once and for all...

Or I'll die trying.

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Enemies to lovers, second chance, MC romance

I love hard, deep, and fast. My heart's been broken by club women more times than I want to remember.

So, when Honey is hired as the new bartender for the club, I do everything I can to push her away.

Despite my feelings, though, she's still under the protection of the club. Which means when she's taken, I go after her.

I'm almost too late.

Winding up in the hospital with drugs in her system is a violation of her probation, and they're threatening to send her back to jail for something I should have protected her from.

I'll throw away my freedom for her.

I just hope when I get out, I can right the wrongs of the past.

And maybe she won't hate me forever.

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Why choose MC romance

When I'm run off the road by a couple of mafia henchmen, I'm pretty sure my life is over.

But Katyushka risks her own life to save mine.

She's looking for a way out to protect her unborn child, and I'm the closest thing she has to a savior.

Grim, the president, is against my plan, but he's firm on letting us make our own way.

When the truth comes out and Grim realizes everything Katyushka stands to lose, which includes her life, he can't stay away any longer.

Only thing I willing to share the only woman I've ever loved with my grumpy-as-hell president?

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Why choose MC romance

Please read Scab before reading Grim.

If they think they can take our son from us, they're sorely mistaken.

I'm not called Grim for nothing.

I drop bodies. I take lives. I may as well be Death himself.

I'm the monster even nightmares can't conjure.

I'm coming for them, and I'm sparing no one.

And if they've harmed even a single hair on our son's head...

They'll wish I'd only killed them.

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Enemies to lovers MC romance

I prefer to be alone. My brothers and this club are all I need.

When she rolls up to my shop, needing repair work done to her car, I instantly take a disliking to her.

She's mouthy, bratty, and isn't afraid to speak her mind.

What I don't know is that she's on the run from her brothers, and they're officers of another club--a rival.

Targeting her is the last thing they'll ever do.

Because when she finally breaks, her tears become my weakness.

And anyone who makes her cry will have me to answer to.

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Friends to lovers, single dad, MC romance

My only goal these days is to just raise Emma the best I can. To give her a life better than what she had before.

My little girl suffers from panic attacks, and her anxiety is so bad, she needs a service dog.

I don't expect Bones to roll into town, hoping to permanently stay. I certainly don't expect her to take to my daughter so well when the mere thought of kids usually freaks her out.

But Bones can relate to my little girl in a way I can't.

And if I thought I was infatuated with this woman before, it's nothing on the way I fall head over heels for her the moment I witness her comforting my baby girl.

I'll do anything to get Bones to stay, but not just for myself...

Emma may need her more than I do.

**Please read the "note from the author" located at the front of the book before reading.


I hit a low - a bad low. One that affected those I loved - that almost got me ripped from my family.

The cherry on top? I became the victim of a rival MC's rage.

I was in the hospital for a while trying to recover, and I got stuck in a psychiatric hospital shortly after that.

And Hatchet - bless his heart - he never gave up on me, even when I begged him to.

I'm trying to rise above it all for him and our kids - above the flashbacks, the fear, the depression. But it's hard.

And I'm not the same woman Hatchet has loved for years. I'll never be that woman again.

Because honestly, I'm not sure if I want to wake up and see the next day.


"I'd tarnish her - damage her. I'd screw her up in more ways than one." --Ink

"Me nor this MC is turning their backs on you, Reina. I'm claiming you as my old lady, and the MC has to respect that whether they like it or not." -- Ink

"I wanted to be burnt by that fire blazing inside of him. I wanted him to destroy me - burn me to ashes." -Izzy

"I want you, Layla. I want you and Matthew. F*ck, woman, I want to be a family. I never stopped loving you. I did my best to try and stop, but it never happened. You're it for me." --Hatchet

“It happened fast, but Penny? She’s it for me. I won’t let her bury herself in her misery.” -- Copper

"I will make sure all of them fucking pay for what they’ve done to you." -- Ghost

"I'm not leaving you alone, Trixie, because that would mean I'm giving up on you. We're in this together, baby. You're not getting rid of me so easily." --Alex

I'm the funny guy of the club - the clown.
But with her life on the line?
I'll become a monster.

He'll throw his freedom away for her.

“Live for me, Scab, please. I didn’t save your life for nothing. Always live.” --Katyushka

"If I found out that they harmed one hair on my little boy’s head when they snatched my woman up, I swore destruction and death would follow in my wake.
And no one would stop me this time.
I would do what my name promised I did.
I would start taking souls." --Grim

"I'm not afraid of dropping bodies, sweetheart." -Scorpion

"You're mine now. Every part of you belongs to me - every orgasm, every smile, every fucking breath, Bones, belongs to me." -Grave

"I'll destroy this entire world for her." --Judge

"I'm not letting you go, no matter how dark this shit gets, you hear me? Forever, Layla. Fucking always." --Hatchet