Otherworldly Creatures

I was a destructive mess.

Psychologists didn't know what to do with me.

No amount of medications helped me.

I was a lost cause - unable to be helped.

Until Lucifer.

Until my king.


Cara had always been different - strange, weird, a freak.

No one ever understood why - not even Cara.

That is, until she realizes that she's destined for so much more.

She's the beginner of the apocalypse - the one meant to give the ones in hell worthy of redemption their second chance.

And she's got four, sexy, muscular men to stand by her side - to give her strength as she becomes the Goddess of Hell.

He's been searching for his mate for over two hundred years. The Reaper part of his soul yearns for its other half.

He vows when he finds her, he won't waste time. He'll claim her as soon as his eyes land on her.


She's been cursed to spend the rest of eternity in the ground, except she's able to rise from the dead every seven years on Halloween.

The only way that she gets to remain living and breathing above ground is if she finds her one true love.

And this Halloween, her luck may change.