Strength & Heat Trilogy

He'll be her downfall... The two of them together will be her salvation.

I live and breathe dancing. Without it, I'm a shell - a mess of a young woman with no outlet for the pain and torment residing inside of me.

Everything changes when I meet him.

We're toxic together. God only knows why we love each other so much.

He's part of my downfall - my destruction.

And when I finally hit rock bottom, quickly spiraling into the darkest place imaginable, his best friend does his best to save my life. But how do you help a woman who can't find the strength to save herself?

They're saying they're not giving up on me . . . but when every breath I suck into my deprived lungs hurts because of what I lost, what reason do I have to keep on living?

**Your mental health matters. Please read the trigger warnings located at the front of the book before deciding to read.

She finds comfort in misery... Are they enough to finally make her glow again?

I never truly get better.
I just learn how to go through the motions and hope for the best.

When I'm having a panic attack in the middle of the library, a guy with dark hair, even darker eyes, and tattoos comes to my rescue, walking me through the steps to ground myself.
Now, he wants to breathe life into me.

I'll give him a chance, but I'm pretty sure my darkness is going to run him away.
And when his brother comes home from the military with his own demons... Well, I can't expect either of them to help me.

But tragedy will strike, and when it does, I'll be nothing more than a mere shell of the woman I once was.
Are the two of them enough to keep me breathing, or will I finally find comfort in my darkness forever?

Trigger warnings: mental health disorders such as - but not limited to - depression and anxiety, mfm menage (two men sharing one woman), mental health medication, overdosing, miscarriage, self-hate, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, sexual assault, abuse

He'll do anything in the world for her...including sharing her with his best friend.

I'm not a good girl.
This town has had it out for me from a young age.

Jessie has done everything in the world for me that he could. And when I got thrown in juvie, he was there every visitation day, calling every week, and writing me every single day.

But now I'm out. And it's time for me to jump back into the real world.

I preferred juvie.

This town still hates me. My mother is still my biggest enemy.

Jessie is doing everything he can to keep me fighting...
But he may not be enough by himself.

Because Lincoln lights a fire in my soul, gives me hope where there wasn't any before.

Jessie may be my rock, but he's going to need Lincoln to make sure I don't continue sinking.

Trigger warnings: postpartum psychosis, postpartum depression, nervous breakdown, pregnancy, age gap, menage (two men sharing one woman)