Coming Alive Duet

Falling for your brother's best friend isn't as fun as it's cut out to be, especially when you're so screwed up that you're terrified of commitment and being locked down.

I crave freedom. I need to let go of the insanity I feel swirling in my head.

But I do something even crazier than getting high or fighting like I always do.

I fall for the one man who hates my guts . . . Blaze.

I'm toxic. I ruin everyone and everything I touch.

And yet . . . all while still needing Blaze, I crave Jonah.

And allowing both of these men to love me is either going to be what saves me . . .

​​​​​​​Or what sends me toppling into the deep end.

The system failed me.

My family turned their backs on me.

I lost trust in everything I was supposed to have faith in for the rest of my life.

Now, I don't trust anyone.

So, Raul can push to be a part of my life as hard as he wants, but it won't work. I'm set in my ways.

. . . Until Vincent.

There's something about him that calls to my soul, lures me into him. He's got his claws sunk deep into me. Maybe he's just as bad for me as everyone says he is . . .

Maybe I just don't care anymore.

Because at this point, I don't have any say. He silences my demons, and that?

Well, that gives Vincent the power to break me worse than anyone else has before him.

And when Raul refuses to give up on me, too . . .

​​​​​​​Well, it might either save me or be my downfall in the end.