A New Start

Unexpected Babies Book One

London James was forced to move to America when her affair with her teacher hit the public.

Now living with her aunt and seven weeks pregnant, London feels alone. Pregnant, starting a new school, and living with an aunt that she really doesn't know, London feels even worse than she did back in England. And after she vomits all over who is possibly the hottest guy London has ever seen during her first day of school, London's stay in America might just take a turn.

Though for better or for worse, she's not sure.

His Secret

Unexpected Babies Book Two

When Logan is told to tend to the patient in room 409, she's not expecting the patient to be the father of her child, Bryce Jennings.

He's furious to find out that his son has been hidden from him, and he demands Logan to marry him.

But when Logan's past comes to attack her again with a vengeance, Bryce realizes he'll do everything in his power to protect Logan.

And they'll both quickly realize that those sparks they shared all of those years ago never disappeared, they're now stronger than ever.

Forever Yours

Unexpected Babies Book Three

At the after party of Prom, my entire world got flipped upside down, and I became completely ruined – destroyed.

A month after that, on graduation day, I found out I was pregnant.

I begged my father to keep it a secret from my friends, especially from Jax, my over-protective best-friend.

I told everyone a white lie – that I would be going to the community college in town so I could still be home to help Dad.

I’d expected to be gone for everyone else’s Christmas break. Dad and I had even planned it. But when we receive so much snow that our flight gets cancelled, I’m stuck. And everyone is coming home.

They’ll see what I’ve tried keeping hidden. I’m not prepared for them to know the truth, especially when I still haven’t decided between keeping my baby or giving it up for adoption.

I don’t even have time to come up with a plan B before Jax is knocking on the front door. Not knowing he had come home early to surprise me, I answered the door – six months pregnant.

He’s furious, and he’s not stopping until he had all the answers he wants. Problem is, I don’t know how to tell him because if there’s one thing I know about Jax, he’ll go to prison over me, and I can’t lose my rock.

Revenge, Baby

Unexpected Babies Book Four

I caught my boyfriend of five years cheating on me with the same girl he told me I didn’t have to worry about.

Dumping him and breaking his nose wasn’t enough. I wanted revenge.

So, when I run into his older brother, Colton, in the student center, I immediately get the best plan for revenge.

But things go haywire when I drunkenly sleep with him one night. We immediately call things off after that, realizing we’ve broken the one rule we both set.

Problem is, a month later, I get a positive pregnancy test and a visit with my obstetrician confirms what I already knew. I’m pregnant with Colton’s baby.

And I have no idea how to tell him.

The Farmer's Baby

Unexpected Babies Book Five


His Wildcat

Unexpected Babies Book Six


An Unexpected Surprise

Unexpected Babies Book Seven